Kristina Keneally led one of the most chaotic,
and incompetent governments in Australia’s history.

Her record speaks for itself.


Keneally was the person factional powerbrokers Eddie Obeid and Joe Tripodi wanted and got as Premier.

On the day Keneally became Premier her predecessor, Nathan Rees, warned if he were rolled as leader, the successor would be a “puppet”:

Should I not be Premier by the end of this day, let there be no doubt in the community's mind that any challenger will be a puppet to Eddie Obeid and Joe Tripodi. That is the reality, that is the choice for the state today.

Then NSW Premier Nathan Rees 3 December 2009
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Scandal and Chaos

Eddie Obeid

(Jailed for Misconduct)

Keneally factional ally. Endorsed Keneally to be Premier. He is now in jail for misconduct in public office.

Joe Tripodi

(Found Corrupt by ICAC)

Keneally factional ally. Since leaving the Parliament, he has had findings of corruption against him by ICAC.

Ian Macdonald

(Jailed for Misconduct)

Reappointed by Keneally to Cabinet (after he was sacked by Nathan Rees). Resigned in scandal. He is now in jail for misconduct in public office.


Sydney Metro

Cancelled by Keneally

After Labor spent $412 million on the Sydney Metro, in February 2010 Premier Keneally dumped the project. The Auditor-General was scathing of Labor’s waste:

I recommend the New South Wales Government identify lessons learnt from the Sydney Metro experience and ensure future decision processes are developed to ensure the State never again expends such a large amount of scarce transport funding dollars and valuable time on a project that does not proceed.

Auditor-General’s Report to Parliament 2010 Volume Nine, p.13

Metro Northwest

Keneally didn't deliver

Labor promised, but never delivered, Sydney Metro Northwest. It was first ‘announced’ by Labor in 1998 but by the time Keneally was voted out in 2011, no work had commenced.

Under Liberal management, Australia’s biggest public transport project, Sydney Metro Northwest, is due to open in 2019. It will include four stops in Bennelong: North Ryde, Macquarie Park, Macquarie University and Epping.

Ticketing System

Keneally didn't deliver

Despite Labor announcing plans for an integrated ticketing system in 1996, by the time Premier Keneally was voted out in 2011, none had been delivered.

In 2012, the NSW Auditor-General reported that over $115 million had been spent on T-card and NSW taxpayers were continuing to pay $300,000 per month in interest.*

The Coalition Government has delivered the Opal Card.

*Auditor-General’s Report to Parliament 2012 Volume 8, p.70


As Premier, Kristina Keneally put in plans for tens of thousands of new dwellings in Bennelong.

"The Inner North region will need 44,000 new dwellings to be constructed over the 30 years from 2006 to 2036."
(Press Release, 4/2/2011)

"North Ryde Station and the surrounding land are currently under-utilised and development of the site would go a long way to meeting the targets of 30,000 new dwellings and 60,000 new jobs that are needed in the inner north by 2031."
(Press Release, 3/3/2011)

"12,000 of these new homes are required in the Ryde local government area alone where this proposal is located."
(Press Release, 3/3/2011)

"The Metropolitan Plan indicates that the West Central subregion, which includes Epping, will need an additional 96,000 homes by 2036."
(Press Release, 3/3/2011)

Unfortunately, Labor didn’t build infrastructure to support this.

Debt & Debt Interest

The Keneally Government left NSW with Total State Sector borrowings of $62 billion, net debt of $32.4 billion and an interest bill of $4.2 billion.

To put this debt interest in perspective, in the same year (2010-11), the NSW Government was spending $2.8 billion on police.

If Bennelong doesn't work out, she's already got other plans




According to the Sensis Business Index, by the end of the Keneally Government, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in NSW had a complete lack of confidence in the Government.

In its February 2011 survey:

Just 2% of NSW businesses thought the State Government's policies supported small business.

51% of NSW businesses thought the State Government's policies worked against small business.


In 2010-11, Keneally’s final year, state government expenditure on government schools was cut from $10,336 million to $10,021 million – cuts of $316 million.

Productivity Commission, Report on Government Services 2017, School Education, Page 1 of Table 4A.7


Under the last Labor Government, 50,000 people arrived on more than 800 illegal boats. That led to 1,200 people dying at sea and more than 8,000 children were in detention.

Kristina Keneally has vocally supported policies that would weaken border protection.

Onshore processing – which I support…

Kristina Keneally Q&A - 19/09/2011

I believe Australia is big enough…to welcome these people into our country.

Kristina Keneally Q&A - 19/09/2011

Instinctively I dislike the option of boat turnbacks.

Kristina Keneally The Guardian - 28/07/2015


In her opening press conference announcing her candidacy for Bennelong, Kristina Keneally claimed:

"The Liberals in 2015 shut down the [Eastwood] Medicare office, making it harder for people in this community to get their Medicare claims sorted.”

Kristina Keneally

However the decision to merge Medicare, Centrelink and other services under one roof was an initiative of Labor, announced in 2009.

According to Department of Human Services General Manager, Hank Jongen, the consolidation of offices in this area was committed to in August 2013, while Labor was still in power:

"Many of the one-stop shop locations were committed…in the August 2013 Economic Statement….The Ryde one-stop shop was included in the scope of this measure."

Hank Jongen, Department of Human Services General Manager

Meanwhile, bulk billing in Bennelong has increased. Last year, a total of 887,867 GP visits in Bennelong (88% of total GP visits) were bulk billed.

Today, around 97 percent of Medicare rebates are now processed digitally at the doctor’s surgery.